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Learn French Fast, Fun and Easy.

Learning French is not a simple question of greeting people or knowing the name of many items.

Mastering "Molar Tongue", is a whole package which deals with communication and makes yourself to be understood by people around you.

This article aims to show you some tips to learn French quickly.

Speaking French gives you access to the world of over 75 million native speakers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, and 263 million people around the rest of the world who speak it as a second language – most of them in West Africa.

1. Start with the vocabulary

A language is first and foremost vocabulary words. Words are like bricks that make it possible to build speeches, to exchange.

We advise you to start learning French vocabulary words right away. If you start in French, this will allow you to become familiar with the sound of the French language.

If you have to learn French quickly, set ambitious but achievable goals. For example 30 words a day.

By learning 30 words a day, you will be able to cover 70% of the vocabulary of the French language in three months. It must be repetitive learning.

Tip: you can, for example, put a label with the name of the object in French in your apartment or house. Depending on your learning method, look for small tips like this.

2. Grammar and conjugation

Grammar is what allows you to build, and structure sentences. You should start learning as soon as you aim to be fluent in French.


For example, start learning grammar and conjugation a week after you begin learning

vocabulary; then you will go faster.

As for the vocabulary, make notes with the main rules of grammar and conjugations

(present, future, imperfect indicative).

3. Work on your French pronunciation     

As we do in English, French also need to be learned through pronunciation. People will recognize that you are not from a French-speaking country regarding your accent.

French is a language that seems very flat at the level of pronunciation. The accents are much less pronounced.

The written words do not often look like spoken words at all. (for example "oi" is pronounced "wa")

4. Read, write and listen to discussions and debate in French 

Once you will improve your French, after a few weeks, start reading in French: press articles, accessible books (children's books for example), etc.

Reading will allow you to master words or rules learned. This promotes memorization at the same time.

Think also about writing and listening to French (audios, videos, etc.)

Example :

  • Listen to music with French lyrics.
  • Watch movies in French (with subtitles at first, then without subtitles).
  • Watch TV with French channels.

5. Speak in French: use the shadowing method 

Do you know the shadowing?

This is the preferred method for quickly learning to speak French or any other language for that matter. It is based on a simple concept: listen and repeat exactly what we have just heard by striving to reproduce exactly the intonations, the breaks ... Like a parrot would. This is why this technique is also called "parrot"

To indulge easily, it is important to know what you are saying. If you are listening to a French song, print the lyrics first. For videos, choose subtitled media.

Then listen to a sentence, pause and repeat it. This exercise is particularly effective. He is acclaimed by many people who have been able to make very rapid progress.

Bonus: Start practical training with Bora Teacher

You can, for example, find a correspondent, or, even more effective, find a teacher of Bora Teacher. Do not hesitate, and take the plunge. This is the best way to progress. 

How to start? Start with daily life vocabulary and phrases like :

  • Greetings;
  • Ask directions;
  • Order at the restaurant;
  • Shop in store;
  • Learn the usual vocabulary. 

Hope that these small tips will help you become like a native french speaker.   

The countdown begins, start now!

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